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If you don’t have focus, you’re never going to get things done. Discover the simple 3-step method to finding your focus and completing your projects.

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For December, I’m introducing my “Hot Takes,” my top four tips to get you moving in 2022 in the right direction. Each week, I’ll give you tips and a method to adapt them to your business and your life.

Tip #1 — Focus is Fundamental

Here’s the thing about goals, prioritizing, everything. If you don’t have…

Prioritize and Planning to Project Completion — We all have hopes and dreams but you can stop dreaming and start making your dreams come true with strategic planning.

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Last week I shared how focus is essential to your success.

Now let’s get into making that primary project a priority.

Tip #2 — Prioritize and Plan

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve picked your project. Now how do you break that project down and set your priorities?

If you know me at all, you know…

Do you feel like you’re ever accountable and are in a vicious cycle of procrastination and goal-setting but don’t get anywhere?

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My Mom often comments on my self-discipline. However, it was easy for me to adjust to an entrepreneur/freelance lifestyle because I’m driven to succeed, and I brought my work ethic from corporate life to our business.

But not everyone is naturally ready to work each day. Trust me, some days…

Introducing an innovative way to accomplish your goals with a 6-week intensive email bootcamp…

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CHECK-IN TIME! Did you create a New Year’s Resolution? Now, be honest, how is it going? You’ve heard me say it before; I don’t buy into New Year’s Resolutions.

But I am hard-core invested in personal development and goal setting.

I 100% love it when someone has a goal they’ve…

Don’t let procrastination or poor planning keep you from achieving your dreams.

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Here’s the thing about goal setting and completing projects, it involves multiple steps and usually takes weeks, months, or even years to complete.

Because of the longevity, it’s why projects fall by the wayside, and you end up failing to complete your goals.

But it doesn’t have to be that…

If you want to reduce your stress levels and stop feeling overwhelmed by projects, calendar blocking is a simple yet effective method to take control of your schedule.

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Does calendar blocking really work?

Yes and no.

No, it doesn’t if you block time but then ignore it.

Yes, it does if you are realistic about your scheduling and commit to making it work.

Why Calendar Blocking?

The thing about calendar blocking is that it serves multiple purposes. For instance, it helps:

2022 is literally around the corner. Are you in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions you don’t follow through on, or are you ready to tackle 2022 with positive (and realistic) habits to create success?

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Usually, when we think about habits, we think of them as very black and white. They are “good” or “bad,” and as humans, we tend to chastise ourselves for not performing as well with the “good” habits.

At this time of year, people start thinking about 2022 and how they…

Is busy work killing your projects before they start? Do you spend more time making lists then getting things done? You’re not alone and you can kick procrastination for good. Are you ready?

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If you remember Tip #1: Focus is Fundamental included the steps of brainstorming project ideas, picking your top three, and then narrowing it down to one primary project idea.

Next, Tip #2: Prioritize and Plan took your primary project into the list-making and planning stage, including scheduling 10–15 minutes a…

Before you know it, Christmas and New Year’s Resolutions will be here. So, start planning now, and let’s get your 2022 off on the right foot!

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Last week, I talked about priorities and using lists and calendar blocking. This week, let’s take a step further back. Because, while those tips are efficient for getting your stuff done, and I live by them, you still have to take some time for goal setting periodically.

As we approach…

Michelle Forsyth

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